Anthony Mahoney - The Owner

Born 1995

Taught by some of the best accompanied with a passion for fantastic food. Despite his layed back and sociable attitude, Perfection in Service is nothing less than a standard when it comes to cooking.​

Being raised in basingstoke food has always been something that fascinated me, the  thoughts of the endless possibilities within the  industry pulled my desires and interests into becomming a chef.

Outside of work I aim to be quite easy going whether that be watching television on a sunday morning to playing golf with good friends and associates. I like to break the  ice with all clients over a lunch or drink as I get to know the person rather than a customer simply paying for my companies service. ​This does enable te to handle all jobs with the same high quality/ stress free/ professional standards every client deserves.


Jo Welch - Head Chef

Born 1990

Naturally gifted with the skills and drive most spend their lives trying to achieve, Jo didnt take long to make her mark in the industry, her enthusiasm and professional attitude refelcts on others around her as well as her incredible culinary talents.